Adult Volunteers

Thanks to adult volunteers, Sherburn Scout Group has experienced unprecedented growth, providing young people with experiences that will help them meet future challenges.

Volunteering for Scouting is not just about being a section leader, we aren’t all Bear Grylls, it’s not for everyone stood out at the front. Sherburn Scout Group have various roles available for you to consider, ranging from fundraising, property management &  maintenance, administration support, event planning & delivery, media handling, management of adults, not to mention roles supporting  adults in delivering an exciting programme to the full age range of young people.

If you take up a role we will develop you as an individual and provide you with training & experiences that will make you and your CV stand out from the crowd.  For the parents out there thinking of joining, you will be able to see your young person in a different light and them you, helping to build those memories that last a lifetime!

We can provide you with challenges and successes that will stay with you forever and give you great big dollops of satisfaction that you are making a real difference to young people’s lives.

So, take the next step and get in touch with us for an informal chat about how Scouting in Sherburn can help you develop you in so many ways

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