New to Scouting FAQ

Gift Aid

As a registered charity donating gift aid makes a bit difference to our finances and the facilities and activities we can offer the children. We will periodically ask for the declaration to be filled in online once you are on the system.

Learn the Lingo

  • Akela = Cub Scout Leader
  • Bear = The Chief Scout (not our GSL)
  • Bear = Our GSL (not the Chief Scout)
  • Bungle = Bungle
  • Grand Howl = Start and finish of Cub Pack night
  • GSL = Group Scout Leader
  • Necker = A triangluar peice of material, worn rolled up round the neck fastened with a woggle
  • Woggle = A cicular object, orginally made from leather but now could be anything, used to fasten a necker

New Members

Once transferred into Scouting you will be able to securely access the online records yourself to update all your own contact details, and also add further information such as emergency and medical contacts. We regularly send out news and event details using these details so we would ask you to always keep your contact information up to date to ensure you get all the messages.

Replacement Neckers, Woggles and badges

First rule of clothing for scouting is put your name on everything! If we can not find your neckers or woggles then replacements can be provided:

  • Neckers – £ TBC
  • Basic Woggles – TBC
  • Default Badges (World, County/Group and Name Tape) – TBC



Each Beaver, Cub, or Scout will need their new uniform for investiture. This normally takes place 3 – 4 weeks into the term they start (gives them a chance to decide if they like it or not!)
You will only need to purchase the jumpers (Beavers & Cubs) or Shirts (Scouts & Explorers). Neckers and woggles will be provided when they are invested.